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Choosing the right dentist for your Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry or even General Dentistry Is vitally important if you want minimal discomfort and a great smile.

Did you know that research shows that your smile is your single greatest social asset? A beautiful smile can greatly increase your chances of success, professionally and personally.

Here’s the thing, though – whether you need Dental implants to replace missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry, it’s important you choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable, and who has the skills to deliver that great looking smile.

Sadly, too many people treat their annual visit to the dentist as an unwelcome duty, unavoidably accompanied by pain and discomfort. It doesn’t need to be that way! At dentArtistry you will find a very different experience, as Dr Sandra Short’s emphasis on attention to detail and minimising discomfort delivers great results. You may even enjoy your visit!

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So who is Dr Sandra Short?

Dr Sandra Short

Dr Sandra Short is the principal of DentArtistry and for three decades has pioneered ground-breaking dental implant treatments and the fine art of cosmetic dentistry here in Australia – giving her patients the kind of smiles they’ve always wanted.

Her exceptional skills, advanced training, experience and impeccable service to her patients have earned her the admiration of her peers Australia-wide. With many years of experience, the outstanding results and the gratitude of so many patients, Dr Short says she absolutely loves what she does for a living. Her skills give her the opportunity to bring profound improvements to her patients’ lives – what career could possibly be more rewarding?

For a consultation call dentArtistry on (02) 9363 9823 and book a time to see Dr Sandra Short.

With skills developed over many years working with dental implants, pain free dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, Dr Short delivers results that truly put a smile on your face.

Dr Short enjoys a well-deserved reputation for pain-free dentistry. Many hours spent in post-graduate training allow her to use many techniques, including intravenous sedation, to make your visit as comfortable as it can be.

So when you visit Dr Sandra Short you’re investing in a very special form of dental care – a dentist focused on giving you a great outcome with minimal discomfort. A dentist who can take care of your general dental health, and deliver an implant-based restoration if that’s what you need.


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