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Your smile is dentArtistry’s best advertisement – and when your beautiful teeth function properly and your breath is fresh, you have plenty to smile about!

Our purpose is to preserve and extend the life of healthy teeth, and to provide the best treatment options available where loss of a failing tooth is unavoidable. (See Missing Teeth)

We do this by combining state-of-the-art painless restorative techniques with careful patient education in the art of caring for their teeth. We use durable, bio-friendly materials and advanced 3D imaging, but we don’t neglect the value of a simple piece of dental floss!

As well as saving costly remedial treatment, correct dental hygiene is vital to good general health.

dentArtistry takes pride in its standard of infection control. We are careful to follow the research and developments in this important field, and to apply them in our practice.

Meet Dr Sandra Short

“Next to saving a natural tooth, though, giving people with missing teeth back the natural function of their teeth, with a great smile into the bargain, is the most rewarding aspect of my profession.”
Dr Sandra Short is a leading Sydney cosmetic and implant dentist.
In a career spanning three decades, she has earned an international reputation as a pioneer of the most advanced cosmetic dental techniques and technology and treats growing numbers of patients from as far away as the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as the Asia Pacific region and all over Australia.
A Lifetime’s Learning…
Sandra gained her Bachelorhood in Dentistry at the University of Sydney. She began her interest in implant restorative dentistry with a course of training under the ‘Father of implant dentistry’, Dr Leonard Linkow in New York. She later completed a course of study in dental implant surgery and bone grafting techniques under the prestigious American implant specialist Dr Carl Misch In addition, Sandra has trained in intravenous sedation techniques under Dr Palo Malo in Portugal.
…and Teaching
Dr Short has lectured in laser dentistry at Sydney University’s Dental Faculty – one of Australia’s major dental schools. She has lectured for the Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia and at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.
Dr Short is committed to pain-free dentistry and is one of a small number of Australian dentists accredited in the latest intravenous sedation techniques.
Her outstanding reputation for cosmetic dentistry has led to appearances as an expert commentator on popular television shows including Australia ’s Next Top Model and Mornings with Kerri-Anne.
Dr Short also is an enthusiastic charity worker. She visits Aboriginal communities in North Queensland to provide much-needed voluntary dental services through Filling the Gap,

To make an appointment with Dr Sandra Short, call: 02 9363 9823

The Practise:

dentArtistry has been operating at Double Bay in Sydney ‘s prestigious eastern suburbs since 1989.

When she established dentArtistry, Dr Sandra Short’s specific aim was to create Australia ‘s premier cosmetic dental practice – combining the science of dentistry with the art of radiant smiles.

Over two decades, dentArtistry has cemented its reputation for the highest quality cosmetic and general dentistry, outstanding service and value-for-money.

As proof of its exemplary dental care and service standards, dentArtistry attracts patients from around the world, as well as across Australia – including business leaders, actors, television personalities and sports stars.

Dr Short’s highly-qualified dentArtistry team is trained to the same rigorous standards which are the hallmark of the practice.

Everyone in the dentArtistry team undertakes continuous education and training to ensure they can deliver the most advanced treatment, using the latest dental techniques and technology.

And among the team are healthcare professionals who are fluent in languages other than English – including Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish.

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