Bridge On 4

The Bridge-on-4 treatment process is an implant-based restorative technique in which a whole arch of teeth is replaced with a prosthetic overdenture supported by only 4 implants set into the jaw bone. Extensive research has shown that by carefully angling the implants to distribute biting loads evenly, all the prosthetic teeth can be successfully supported on 4 implants, in a durable, robust restoration.

This revolutionary technique is suitable for either jaw. Bridge-on-4 looks and feels like natural teeth, and after 3-5 days will start to function naturally too!

Bridge-on-4 has many advantages over existing techniques:

  • The angling of the implants actually helps us treat patients with extensive bone loss, since less vertical distance is required. Bone grafting is therefore less likely to be necessary.
  • The implants are connected by a rigid chassis to share loads between all the implants, meaning individual implants are not overloaded.
  • Since all the teeth are supported on only 4 implants, cleaning is much easier.
  • Should the overdenture be damaged, for instance in an accident, it can be repaired or replaced without compromise to the supporting implants.

Bridge-on-4 is an excellent solution for those who have lost all teeth in a jaw, or whose remaining teeth are failing, and compromising the underlying bone.

How do we achieve your great results

Preoperative procedures


The first step is an oral examination to discuss treatment options and to determine the best solution that suits your individual needs


Radiographs and scans are taken to determine the final position of the the implants. Pretreatment photographs and cast models are also prepared.


Diagnostic data is used to plan the optimal position of the final teeth for aesthetics, function and speech. A special guide is also prepared at this stage for placement of the implants and positioning the teeth.

Your new smile in 3 -5 days

Day 1

The jaw is prepared to receive implants and the implants are strategically placed according to the surgical guide. Impressions are taken of the implants. Clinical indexing is done with a guide that has the teeth in the chosen position.

Day 2
Try in

Teeth are set in wax and are tried in your mouth within 24-48 hours following surgery.
Adjustments of tooth position and color can be made at this stage, however, this is not always necessary.

New Teeth

Your permanent new fully fixed replacement teeth are inserted on day 3-5 in most cases.

before and after bridge on 4

No More Dentures

This process  is a relatively new way of replacing dentures or failing teeth. The implants are much the same but some of them are angled. Because of this they can be placed even where there is very little bone. A fixed prosthesis (this is a bridge) for the upper or lower jaws, is supported on 4 implants, 2 straight implants and 2 angled implants per jaw.

It is a development of the engineering of the prosthesis that holds the implants rigidly together around the arch that allows early loading of the implants,

Thus the implants are braced together and support by one another.

The bridge in this situation is joined to the implants and cannot be removed by the patient, so you can have the implants placed and within the week  you can have your teeth that are just like your own teeth.
The benefits are that the time to loading or delivery is shortened to 3-5 days rather than 4-6 Months.There is a cost benifit too.

The cost is reduced to half that of the traditional way of doing implants and bridge work.

YES IT’S TRUE ! The cost is about HALF as much!

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