Bridge On 4 – Better Than Dentures

Aesthetic Gum Replacement
For enhanced aesthetics there needs to be harmony between the teeth, gums and lips.

To help achieve harmony this process of implanting just four positions is prepared and reshaped creating the required space for optimal design and positioning of the final teeth.

The reshaping can also avoid the need for flanges, making the restoration easier to clean, and enables aesthetic gum replacement

The Bridge On 4 process At A Glance
Predictable Aesthetics
Patient benefits

* mimic shape of natural bony ridges
* more natural lip aesthetics
* healthy looking gums
* improved design
* long lasting restoration

Denture Alternative
Patient benefits

* fully fixed functional teeth
* improved appearance
* fewer implants
* look, feel and function like real teeth
* may eliminate the need for bone grafting
* easily maintained
* teeth in 1-3 days
* high success rate – safe and predictable

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