Dental Implant

Dental implants help restore the health of your mouth as well as your appearance – and there’s no need to disturb the surrounding teeth.

Dr Sandra Short is one of the world’s leading implant and cosmetic dentists.

She trained in New York under the specialist known as the Father of Dental Implants, Dr Leonard Linkow, and later completed her study of dental implant surgery and bone grafting techniques in Seoul , South Korea with one of the pre-eminent researchers in the field, Dr Carl Misch.

To make a booking for a dental implant consultation with Dr Sandra Short, call: 02 9363 9823 or to make an online booking, simply enter your details in the form inside the orange box at the very bottom of this page.

We want to help make the latest technology in implant dentistry affordable for you by providing attractive options for your new teeth and for your budget.

Let’s face it nobody likes to be surprised when it comes to cost. That’s why once we have completed your comprehensive exam and diagnosis; we will review with you your treatment options and their projected costs.

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