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When you see the Sleep Health Dental Centre sign you know that your dentist is an accredited ‘Sleep Health’ dentist and will be taking care to assess your airway and where necessary conduct sleep studies and other assessments in order to determine if treatment is necessary.

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) conditions can range from ‘simple snoring’ (partially blocked airway) to severe sleep apnoea where you literally stop breathing for sometimes up to a minute for as many as 20 or 30 times a night.

The diagram below shows what occurs when the tongue, and/or soft palate partially or completely blocks the airway when sleeping.  This will result in snoring or the complete cessation of breathing ranging from a few seconds to several minutes in severe cases.

If left untreated it can lead to serious health and medical conditions such as:

* High blood pressure
* Stroke
* Heart attacks
* Male impotence
* Loss of libido
* Depression

Emotionally, it can lead to:

* Poor memory and poor concentration
*  Mood irritability
* Marital problems
* Increased stress

Sleep loss from SDB is also well documented to be a major leading cause of workplace and motor vehicle accidents.  Many people don’t realise they have SDB as their only complaint is snoring.  This sign is indicative that an obstruction to the airway is occurring during sleep and can be highly suggestive of a very serious medical condition being present.

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