General Dentistry

“Our purpose is to preserve and extend the life of healthy
teeth, and to provide the best treatment options available
where loss of a failing tooth is unavoidable.”

No matter how skilful the dentistry, it cannot preserve your teeth unless your mouth is maintained in good health!
A major part of Dr Short’s work is the prevention of tooth loss, both by early intervention to repair decay, and through educating her patients in oral maintenance.

It’s not just about your teeth!
As always, prevention is better than cure – but saving your teeth is just the most obvious benefit of good oral care. Apart from the confidence that goes with fresh breath, secure dentition and an attractive smile, we know from numerous studies that dental decay is associated with increased risk of coronary disease, stroke and respiratory disease.

As well as dentArtistry’s outstanding cosmetic dentistry, we offer a wide range of general dental services which make sure your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy for life.

As a new patient at dentArtistry, you will first spend some time reviewing with us your oral care habits and, where necessary, creating a personal oral care program. Regular visits to our oral hygienist will support this program, detect problems at an early stage, and keep your teeth and gums in the best of health.

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