Oral Hygiene

At dentArtistry, we aim to preserve the teeth you were born with, and to provide you with the best possible options where tooth loss is unavoidable. This is a team effort, and you, the patient, are part of the team!

The mouth is a place rich in nutrients for the many organisms that would like to make their home in it. We’d prefer they didn’t, because they will eventually cause decay, not just of the teeth, but the gums too. So there’s no substitute for a daily oral health program. dentArtistry’s clinicians will advise you on the techniques and products for caring for your teeth and gums that really work, and will help you develop a daily routine to keep your teeth and gums in great shape.

Following your first examination, our experienced team will discuss your oral hygiene needs and design a personal oral care program that you can use for life.
These links will provide you with valuable information on some of the basic oral hygiene techniques:

How To Floss
How To Brush
Recommended Products
Bleeding Gums

For more advanced care, regular visits to our oral hygienist will guarantee your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.
Remember, we get the best results by working together as a team – the dentist, the hygienist and the patient.
To arrange a general examination, routine treatment or make an appointment with dentArtistry’s oral hygienist,call: 02 9363 9823 or to make an online booking simply fill in your details below.

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