Pain Free Dentistry

At dentArtistry, patient care means not merely providing the best possible clinical treatment, but making your visits as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
Dental pain is among the most distressing we experience, and anticipation of pain during treatment is one of the major deterrents to getting timely treatment for deteriorating teeth.

dentArtistry is a pioneer in ‘pain-free’ dentistry.

As well as local anaesthesia and nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas’), Dr Short is one of the small number of Australian dentists trained and accredited to administer intravenous anaesthesia. This allows dentArtistry to offer patients the full range of contemporary anaesthetics, meaning that pain during treatment can be eliminated with an anaesthetic suited precisely to your needs.

Even the soreness that may inevitably follow some procedures can be successfully controlled. dentArtistry provides patients with easily-followed post-procedure instructions and medications to enable them to support their treatment with the right post-procedure analgesia and oral care.

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