Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have been a major advance in dentistry.

They’re a thin, yet strong and durable, ceramic shell which tightly bonds to your existing teeth. They are more conservative and inexpensive than crowns – and they look better. A dentArtistry specialist will advise you whether veneers are suitable for you

Before and After Veneers

Attaching porcelain veneers is straightforward – your teeth don’t need the same preparation as for crowns.

But even though porcelain veneers are uncomplicated, the effect is dramatic – giving brighter, whiter, naturally-shaped teeth and a more radiant smile.

Through only minor tooth preparation, veneers can solve some serious dental problems, including:

* permanently whitening stained teeth – especially when teeth have been permanently stained by coffee, tea, antibiotics or even cigarette smoking

* filling gaps between teeth – veneers can be shaped to give you the smile you want

* correcting broken or crooked teeth – veneers will cover damaged or crooked teeth and transform them into a natural smile

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