Snoring And Sleep Health

Snoring And Sleep Health

Snoring is not just an inconvenience for anyone trying to sleep within earshot of the snorer. Snoring is often a symptom of a deeper sleep disorder. Many people are unaware that they sleep intermittently, leading to chronic daytime fatigue, with possibly serious consequences. Research has revealed that sufferers from sleep disorders are many times more likely than healthy sleepers to be involved in road accidents caused by ‘microsleep’.

Treatment Options
A variety of appliances is available to keep the airway clear. Choosing the right one requires careful diagnosis. In extreme cases, corrective surgery may be advisable. If you believe you may be suffering from sleep disorder, you should consult your dentist in the first instance. At dentArtistry, Dr Sandra Short has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, and will be happy to advise you on the best treatment for your condition, and if necessary to refer you for specialist treatment.
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