Terms of Use

It’s vital that all patients are to be punctual or the patient could be faced with a charge for lost time.
The patient must pay for their appointment at the time they have treatment or before.
The patient is expected to be courteous and well behaved at all times while in the dental practice (DentArtistry).
The patient should attend hygiene appointments at least every 6 months.
The patient must disclose all medical conditions including any medications that they are taking and give us (DentArtistry) permission to contact their doctors to obtain any necessary information we need to provide them with the best dental care.
The patient must follow post operative instructions and come back for their required check ups as set by us (DentArtistry).
The patient must wear occlusal splints (grinding guards) if recommended and continue to wear them as prescribed.
The patient must allow us to use photographs, study models, x-rays and computer images of their dental work for teaching purposes.

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